Q: Who is eligible to avail of this add-on speed?

A: 1500 Plus is for the existing FiberX Plan 1500 subscribers.

For non-Converge subscribers, you can apply at


This offering is not applicable to FiberX Plans 2500 and up.




Q: Will this require a re-lock in of my subscription?

A: This offer does not require re-lock in.




Q: What are the requirements for me to avail of this offering?

A: Your account should have no arears.




Q: After my lock-in period, will my subscription automatically be reverted to my original Plan 1500?

A: No. Unless requested. The 10Mbps for Php99 Add-on will be retained to your subscription.




Q: Can I discontinue my 1500 Plus add-on subscription?

A: Yes, but a downgrade fee of Php1,000.00 (One-thousand pesos) will be charged if the internet subscription is still within the lock-in period. Otherwise, downgrade will be free of charge.




Q: Will there be a one-time charge or upfront payment to avail this?

A: No one-time fee is required. Just add Php99.00 on top of your monthly internet bill.




Q: If I availed this, when will I expect the additional Php99 on my bill.

A: This will be reflected to your next billing statement (pro-rated).




Q: How do I avail of this offering?

A: Visit, and ensure your contact details are updated.



Q: How long before my speedboost will take effect?

A: Your add-on speed will take effect within 24 to 48 hours.


Standard Terms and conditions apply on upgrade transactions.

Subscribers with delinquent payment history will be subject for review.